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Road Trips into the Wilderness |TV Docu-series |Call for Collaborations

Welcome to our epic, icon packed, fun-drenched, bucklist road trip to Mt. Elgon National Park.

The Road Trips into the Wilderness  TV Docu-series, are periodic trips infused with retro diners and places to stay.

Our first edition on 18th June, 2021 – rolls East of Uganda, hosting Mt. Elgon National Park.

This trip itinerary is designed to explore main attractions, experiences and activities, Night life before curfew, food and culture, the people, and the Ultimate town-pound-by pound guides, which include;

√ Accommodation facilities along the way (Places to stay)

√ Diners (Places to eat)

√ Stop-overs & places of convenience Awards

√ Travel tips & Things to do along the way.

SO…Does YOUR Business fall under the above, is YOUR Business along this Route to Mt. Elgon National Park?

We would like to support YOU by featuring your Business in our TV Docu-series and Blog Feature Posts.

WhatsApp TEXT us on 0772987442 to register with us for a colorful stop-over.

Would YOU wish to be part of this Experience? Would YOU like to Support this initiative? WhatsApp TEXT us for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

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