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15 Best Travel Video Creators in Uganda

WATCH: 15 Best Travel Video Creators in Uganda

A global pandemic, lockdown or not, travel vlogs or videos provide a charming insight into the mighty world of travel and adventure. You can explore destinations from the comfort of your sofa and endlessly get stimulated for your next trips.

In this blog post, we present to you 15 of the best travel video creators in Uganda. The list was generated through a YouTube Search – using Keywords related to travel in Uganda. These 15 creators have consistently created videos to give you a virtual tour around the country, and here they are; the list is in NO particular order.

1. Travel with Enock and Jaqi

Enock & Jaqi

Enock and Jaqi are a social travel couple, content creators and storytellers from Uganda – into helping travel and hospitality brands tell their stories using the power of content marketing.

Their YouTube Channel is about their experiences, exploring top places to eat in Uganda, travel activities around tourism attractions, accommodation, and room tours, plus the interesting people they meet during their different getaways.

You will also learn how to make special meals with the chefs they meet. Before the lockdown, they would upload a video each week, after their weekly TV Travel Show that runs on Magic1 TV, a subsidiary of the National Broadcaster, UBC.

Statistics: They Joined YouTube on May 5, 2019, and currently have 61 Videos on the platform.

2. Nabz Arah

Nabz Arah.

Nabz Arah is her YouTube Channel name or trademark, but her formal name is Nabuuma Aswirah proudly Ugandan and unleashing her passion for food, travels, and tours every Monday and Thursday. Subscribe to her channel and explore the world together.

Statistics: She joined YouTube on July 17, 2015, and currently has 266 videos with 361,431 channel views.

3. Mr. Musinguzi

Mr. Musinguzi

Mr. Musinguzi is his YouTube Channel name and trademark. He is a Ugandan who creates content from his experiences in Uganda and beyond.

 Statistics: He joined YouTube on April 26, 2017, currently with 107 videos and 387,112 channel views.

4. Lucy Bunyenyezi

Lucy Bunyenyezi

Her channel name is Lucy Bunyenyezi. She is an actress, digital content creator, and foodie. She creates videos about lifestyle and her travel experiences.

Statistics: Lucy joined YouTube on June 12, 2015. She currently has 72 videos with 300,893 channel views.

5. Rachael Nalumu

Rachael Nalumu

“Level up, elevate and live your absolute best life.” Her YouTube channel tagline reads. Her channel; Rachael Nalumu is all about doing what it takes to live life on ones terms – from making small changes in ones day to day life, asking questions, and challenging society’s norms, to taking “risks” like moving anywhere in the world.

 Here video topics include; Moving to Africa Series, Mindful Mondays to get you in the right shape, and Style Thursdays to dress the part!

Statistics: Rachael joined YouTube on October 24, 2012. She currently has 281videos with 1,063,584 channel views.

6. Namuli


Namuli likes trying out new things and making videos about them, and that is exactly what her YouTube Channel – Namuli is all about. She uploads new videos every week.

Statistics: She joined YouTube on October 6, 2012. Namuli currently has 284 videos with 200,209 channel views.

7.  Nakamanya Lynett

Nakamanya Lynett

Nakamanya Lynett is a tourism marketing consultant, sharing her tips on tourism in Uganda and East Africa, stories on life, African culture, and the different tourism experiences.

Her YouTube Channel takes you to her different trips – showcasing the beauties across the region. She also shares inspirational talks and poetry.

Statistics: Lynett joined YouTube on March 5, 2016.  She currently has 197 videos with 35,752 channel views.

8. Mrs. Matovu

Mrs. Matovu

Mrs. Matovu is her YouTube Channel name and she describes herself as an East African lifestyle content creator. She is a mother, wife, and businesswoman.

Statistics: Mrs. Matovu joined YouTube on September 25, 2020. She currently has 18 videos with 363,958 channel views.

9. Khukyenda by Fay Kakai

Fay Kakai

Fay Kakai describes herself as a professional marketer, travel blogger, writer, entrepreneur, and founder of

As a part-time travel content creator that loves to dream up and design trips for family, friends, and herself, her YouTube channel is to help YOU travel more by sharing travel tips, travel stories, and travel inspiration that she has gathered throughout the years.

She invites you to SUBSCRIBE to her channel; Khukyenda by Fay Kakai, if you are curious about travel, want to see the world, and want to learn more about the world through travel. She uploads new videos on Tuesdays.

Statistics: Fay joined YouTube on September 27, 2017. She currently has 52 videos with 61,189 channel views.

10. Eunice Tess

Eunice Tess

Her creative name is Eunice Tess, a Ugandan YouTuber, as she describes herself. Her YouTube Channel; Eunice Tess is about Ugandan Food, Fashion, and travel in Uganda.

Statistics: Eunice joined YouTube on March 22, 2015. She currently has 113 videos with 55,547 channel views.


Erinah TL

Her YouTube Channel name is ERINAH TL and it’s about TRAVEL.

According to Erinah, travel entails a lot; every time one moves to a new place, they need to explore that place and that is tourism; get to know how the people in that new place live, hence a glimpse into their culture and lifestyle – which includes food.

Statistics: Erinah joined YouTube on October 15, 2018. She currently has 231 videos with 383,367 channel views.

12. sallA tourist


She describes herself as salla tourist – a village girl and her YouTube Channel – sallA tourist carries videos around her experiences in the village.

Statistics: Salla joined YouTube on February 26, 2019. 706,311 views

13. Darius TV LIVE


“Be part of the live adventure safari every day by asking questions” reads the description on his YouTube Channel name – Darius TV LIVE.

Statistics: Darius joined YouTube on March 12, 2017. He currently has 71 videos with 93,332 channel views.

14. Its MOANA

Her name is Asia Bashir AKA Moana, and describes herself as passionate about Health, Beauty, Natural Hair and lifestyle.

Her YouTube Channel; Its MOANA is also about her love for food and love for new places.

Statistics: Asia joined YouTube on March 21, 2013. She currently has 31 videos with 4,762 channel views.


For Travel Content Creator number 15, we leave it to you and invite you to name this person that we might have skipped or at least didn’t show up in the YouTube search under the Travel in Uganda Keywords.

WATCH: 15 Best Travel Video Creators in Uganda
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